A Salon for the Whole Family


It’s easy to think of a hair salon in Short Hills as an establishment that caters mostly to women. A place to go in order to get out of the house, relax and rejuvenate, and enhance a woman’s natural beauty with a haircut and style and possibly including hair coloring, highlighting, or hair extensions, complemented with skin care facials to deep cleanse the facial pores and stimulate the production of healthy collagen for a smoother and softer appearance is what typifies the normal conception of a salon in Short Hills and throughout New Jersey.

Most hair salons in Short Hills, however, offer comprehensive services that include men and children, as well. Generally, it is true that the salon will be set up to best serve its greatest demands, which usually means women as the primary clientele. But men can have both hair and skin treatment at a salon, and kids’ haircuts and styles, for both boys and girls, is generally also on the list of most salon offerings.

Salon Sashay Studio of  Short Hills offers a full service experience for women of all ages, as well as for men, boys, and girls who are seeking haircuts and style from master educators, master stylists or junior stylists. Prices are slightly higher for the master educators, and a little more budget-friendly for the junior stylists. A salon experience at Salon Sashay is a creative, comfortable, and pleasurable experience that includes , keratin treatments, coloring, highlights, toning and shading, low lights, back treatments,  and more.

Hair Salons Short Hills – Salon Sashay Studio, one of the premier hair salons in the Short Hills area provides an atmosphere of relaxation, creativity, and positive energy. We offer a total service experience that includes haircut, style, and texture services, as well as color and contrast with a variety of coloring and highlighting techniques available. To make an appointment with a salon stylist expert, call 973-376-7788 or text us at 201-889-9066.