The Grass Is Always Greener

They say that “the grass is always greener on the other side”, meaning that we often want what we don’t have. No one understands this common human tendency better than a hair stylist. Hair stylists contend day in and day out with people who want their curly hair straightened or their straight hair to be curlier. Extensions are added to make hair appear longer, and the shears come out to render long hair shorter. However, for some people, salon treatments aren’t just about getting a look that evades them; it is about taming wildly frizzy hair so that any style other than a pulled-back ponytail is possible. For those who need help getting super-frizzy hair under control, a keratin treatment in Short Hills, NJ could be just the thing.

A keratin treatment is about more than achieving a look that you don’t have; it’s about making your hair manageable enough to maintain any look at all. Often, people with frizzy hair can spend hours straightening and styling their hair only to have the all-too-familiar lion’s mane poof occur the minute they walk outside into the humidity. With a keratin treatment in Short Hills ,NJ, hair straightening is sealed into the actual hair so that you can walk outside and maintain the style that you have labored to achieve.

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