We Can Always Take More Off …


“We can always take more off, but we can’t add it once we’ve cut it.” That saying, or something similar to it, was long the mantra of stylists across the nation. And for a long time, it was certainly true. However, that was before the advent of hair extensions. Now your Short Hills area stylist can actually add hair that looks, feels, and acts exactly like your own. In fact, hair extensions make it possible to try unlimited possibilities when it comes to hairstyles, none of which are permanent. That means, if you do not like them, you can take the hair extensions out.

One of the past horrors of sitting in the stylist’s chair was that sinking feeling when you realized that you had opted for a style, cut, or color that wasn’t at all what you had expected. Sure, color fades and hair grows out, but those awful months in between can be some of the most painstaking months ever. With hair extensions in Short Hills, however, you have the comfort of knowing that if the look turns out differently than you’d expected, a new look isn’t something that is four, five, or even six months down the line.

If you want to add length, volume, or try a totally different style with hair extensions in Short Hills contact Salon Sashay Studio. With several highly trained stylists with expertise in hair extensions, you will have the hairstyle of your dreams in no time at all. And, if those dreams should change, your hair can change right along with them.

Hair Extensions Short Hills – When you want hair extensions in Short Hills, Salon Sashay Studio provides an atmosphere of relaxation, creativity, and positive energy in which to benefit from our hair care services. We offer a total service experience that includes haircut, style, and texture services, as well as color and contrast with a variety of coloring and highlighting techniques available.  To make an appointment with a hair care expert, call 973-376-7788 or text us at 201-889-9066